Sending Rotary Help To Mexico Suffering From Major Devastating Earthquakes

To My Rotary Family and Friends being Blind Copied

Thank you for your continuing messages of support and inquiry as to how we are doing in Mexico after two devastating earthquakes which start with the first on September 7th  and the next on September 19 which was the 32nd anniversary of the worst ever for Mexico City where thousands of lives were lost.  Since then we have suffered other earthquakes in the southern part of Mexico.

The Devlyn Family and most in The Rotary Family are well with a ever growing number of sad exceptions coming up everyday where we learn of friends of family that have suffered losses.   As usual, the major problem by far is the thousands of the extremely poor in hundreds of affected communities in the Southern Mexican States of Oaxaca, Chiapas and Veracruz that have lost loved ones and the thousands and thousands of homes that have been damaged or destroyed.  We in Mexico City and the world took more notice after the devastating earthquake of September 19 centered in Mexico City which most have seen in the international media. As I have mentioned this was the worst earthquake I have experienced in my over 50 years in Mexico City.

Rotary in Mexico is joining with other NGOs in Mexico to give help of all types. All cities in Mexico have established donation centers where water, medicines, non-perishable foods, clothing, tools, etc. are being sent to many of these afflicted areas. Mexican Rotary Clubs are also getting and giving donations via different reputable groups which promise to duplicate the money that is given where the United Rotary Fund of Mexico (Fondo Unido Rotario de Mexico) stands out, which has been in existence since 1978.

Rotary International Director Jorge Aufranc flew down to Mexico City this Saturday and Sunday  to meet with Mexican Rotary Governors in behalf of the R.I. Board of Directors and Trustees to discuss how we might receive help from so many in the Rotary World who are looking for ways to help Mexico.  With the help of the RI Board, Trustees and Staff they are exploring how to set up on the Fast Track a Donor Advised Fund commonly called a “DAF” of the Rotary Foundation’s similar to what was done to help Haiti, Florida, Houston, etc. which will be coordinated by the district governors and other past and present senior leaders in Mexico for the best use in working in alliance with other reputable NGOs, Mexican Government to help more of the afflicted in rebuilding their damaged and lost homes. I personally thank all of you who will be sending donations to our upcoming Mexican Recovery Task Force Rotary Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) at the Rotary Foundation to which your needed donations should be sent to our Rotary Foundation Headquarters in Evanston earmarked for the upcoming before mentioned Donor Advised Fund “DAF”.

I hope that some of our Rotary contacts might be able to get some major contributors like they did by getting the well-known actor Mel Gibson to give a million dollars to help via Rotary in the last major tragedy that occurred in Mexico. Thanks to that donation we were able to partner with another reputable Mexican NGO & Government Authorities to construct 1000 homes to help those who had lost theirs in different communities plus 100 in Guatemala.

In behalf of Your Rotary Family in Mexico we thank you for your help in this trying time.

Your Amigo / Friend in Mexico City,

Frank Devlyn
Entrepreneur of the Year™ EY 2016 | Mexico
President 2000-2001, ROTARY INTERNATIONAL
Chairman 2005-2006, THE ROTARY FOUNDATION