Online Membership Leads

RELEVANCE:As a district leader, managing and understanding online membership leads is a key responsibility, as is supporting clubs in managing their leads and creating a positive experience for these prospective members.

Learning objectives

At the end of this session, district leadersshould be able to help clubs:

  • Understand how membership leads work
  • Manage their membership leads online
  • Create a positive experience for prospective members
Speaking points
  • Online membership leads are the result of
    • a prospective member expressing interest in Rotary by visiting
    • a relocating or former member expressing interest in changing clubs or rejoining a club
    • a Rotarian referring a prospective member to a club other than their own
  • When any of these actions are taken, the leads are screened by Rotary International staff and assigned to the appropriate districts.
  • When assigned to a district, district governors, membership committee chairs, executive secretaries, and assistant governors will receive an emailed alert, notifying them of a new lead. This email includes a link to their Manage Membership Leads page where they can review additional information about the lead.
  • After contacting the candidate and updating the status and feedback online, a district leader may assign it to a specific club, if appropriate, on the Manage Membership Leads page.
  • When assigned to a club, club presidents, secretaries and membership committee chairs receive an emailed alert, notifying them of the new lead and linking to their Manage Membership Leads page, where they can learn more about the lead, including notes left by their district leaders.
  • Club leaders are expected to follow up with the candidates and take further actions, as appropriate, and update the status of the lead online to reflect the action taken.
  • More than half of the membership leads received are not being acted upon by club and district leaders. This creates a negative Rotary experience for the candidate who began with a positive perception of Rotary.