Regional membership seminars are intended to give participants the tools they need to help build capacity for membership growth at the club level. Training the district leaders who will hold a district membership seminar using a similar curriculum helps ensure we are delivering strategies and best practices to our clubs clearly and consistently. Review and customize the session guides to maximize your training.

Organizers and participants

Rotary coordinators are responsible for planning and organizing the regional membership seminar. Your participants should include district membership committee chairs and members, and other district leaders. Consider working with your regional leader team members to organize a joint training seminar with concurrent sessions from which attendees can choose. To accommodate busy schedules, consider holding the seminar as a training event in conjunction with GETS and the Rotary institute or with other key regional events. Remember to tailor the training to the specific needs of the participants in those events.


Sessions in this guide include:

  • Is Your Club Healthy?
  • Building a Diverse Club
  • Strategies for Attracting New Members
  • Kick-start Your New Member Orientation
  • Best Practices for Engaging Your Members
  • Practicing Flexibility and Innovation
  • Your Membership Plan
  • Online Membership Leads

Choose the sessions that best meet the membership needs in your region. Depending on space and the number of trainers, you can hold sessions at the same time and repeat certain sessions to maximize attendance. If your resources are limited, choose the sessions that are most relevant to your participants.