Message From RI Director for July 2017

C. Basker

Together let us Make a Difference

Dear Trend Setter Governors,


We are embarking on the most awaited journey today. It is going to be an exciting and challenging experience for all of us as we intend to make a difference in the current Rotary year itself.

Rotary International has expended substantial amount of resources in knowledge sharing and training each one of us in the last year to efficiently administer our Rotary Districts. We need to put that training to good use.

I personally am appreciative of your efforts in bringing about major changes to improve the quality of the training programs of Presidents, Secretaries, District Officials and Club Officers. I am confident all those who are trained will deliver and meet our expectations.

The top priority in our agenda is to strengthen the weak clubs ( less than 30 members) with special focus on improving membership. I have requested the RC and ARC to assist you in this regard. Please ensure you spend enough time with the weak Clubs during your GOV and share your ideas for improvement.

Your support and encouragement will help every Rotary Club in the District to understand the local community needs and address them during the year. This bottom to top approach will enhance the image of Rotary in the local community.

You may be aware that Rotary International needs to raise USD 1.5 Billion to be spent over the next three years for the End Polio Campaign towards the eradication of Polio. India is one of the biggest beneficiaries of the Polio Plus Program whereas our contribution to polio fund is very low. Hence our focus this year would be to raise significant contributions to the End Polio Campaign using every opportunity. This would certainly enhance our image internationally. I have requested the DRFCs, ARRFCs, EMGAs, DCSRCs and End Polio coordinators to assist you in meeting this challenge.

A positive public image is a necessity to grow our organisation and attract members. I find our Rotary Clubs and Districts do great projects but unfortunately do not report them. Please encourage the Rotary Clubs to capture their signature projects through a short video film with a write up and send it to RNT for our use and to publicize Rotary activities centrally. I have requested RPICs & ARPICs to help you in this regard.

Rotaract & Interact Clubs need to be supported through proper training programs. Please take an account of active and inactive clubs first and then start working to align them with current Rotary programs.

I am marking a copy of this mail to TRF Trustees, Regional leaders, EMGAs, End Polio Coordinators, RI & TRF Committee Members, Assistant Regional leaders, DGEs (2018-19),DGNs (2019-20), DMCs, DRFCs, DPICs, DRCCs, DEMGCs, DCSRCs, DWCs, & DLCs who will be closely working with you during this year. I am requesting Past District Governors with their wisdom and experience to be a guiding light to build unity and work towards achieving our goals set for the year.

Mahatria Ra said in the last Rotary meeting “Team – Together Everybody Achieves More”. The Trend Setter team will stand united to Make a Difference to serve humanity.

Mala joins me in sending our best regards to you.

C. Basker