Club Plan and Objectives in All Avenue of Service for The Year of 2016-17


Rotary Club of Dhaka Central (RCDC) is a vibrant club working to contribute to the development of human in the line with the spirit of Rotary and our club’s vision, we had been instrumental in taking up project of great importance. Our focus has been in a number of areas and we have worked tirelessly to make meaningful and necessary contribution to society. From health care to hygiene education; from safe drinking water to educational assistance and stipend; and our scope of work had supported all facets of life, encompassing different vocations.

Some service projects of RCDC are given below:

RC Dhaka Central Project with Aloha Social Services BD (ASSB)

    1.  IOL Project: Our Club had been involved with ASSB an NGO in Dinajpur in health sector project. We had been carrying out cataract eye surgery project since year 2000. So far over 600 Cataract operations have been performed through their hospital located at Dinajpur and Mobarkapur in Naogaon District in North Bengal. Last year year 2015-2016 we had performed 150 operations. Each operation cost tk 3000/, our members contribute the operation cost .our motto is one member one op minimum. Many mummers contribute more than one.
      Hospital Bed Project: We had donated hospital bed to ASSB hospital at Dinajpur. These beds were donated by the Rtn in memory of their beloved late parents. Each bed cost tk 6000/. Rtn LATE Col Mahtab, Arifur Rahman, Kh Rashedul Ahsan, DrTamanna, Mizanur Rahman Bhuiyan and others had donated this money. So far 12 beds were donated to this clinic. It was a big help for the patients. Rtn Brig Masud Ali Khan was involved in this project.

  1. Winter Cloth Distribution: RCDC has independently and in association with other Rotary Clubs take up winter cloth distribution among the poor and needy in Bangladesh. We have been one of the leading initiators and we have been instrumental in putting a shape to this drive that had been widely participated by many members of Rotary clubs of the District. The community of the northern Bangladesh is greatly benefited.
  2. Medical Camp in (a) Arai Hazaar, Narayanganj, (b) Tangail, (c) Trishal and (d) other locations as needed: in association with Najat Family Welfare Committee, RCDC participates in 4 medical camps covering medical support for diabetes patients, cardiac patients, childcare, general medicine, circumcision camp, health education, etc. These camps have supported on average 100 plus patients from the Arai hazaarUpazila area covering at least 30 square miles. The patients are greatly benefited who not only get education on basic health care issues but they can also come for treatment and medical care at almost zero cost. Without these services the patients either would have continued to suffer to travel a great distance incurring huge costs for treatment. RCDC has made their lives more pleasant and healthy. The citizens of the community have great respect for the RC of Dhaka Central as RCDC has been at their side in times of need. Rtn Commodore Ataur Rahman (Retd) takes the lead role in this project. This is a high priority project.
  3. The medical camps at Tangail and Trishal cater to 500 plus patients each and coordinated by IPP Prof. (Dr.) ShamsulAlam and PP Lt. Gen. M. Harun-Ar Rashid (Retd). These are high priority projects. New locations for Medical Camps are under exploration.
  4. School Project in Chirir Bandar, Dinajpur:Rtn. Prof. (Dr.) Amjad Hossain runs a school in his home district which tops the result of the Public Examinations in Dinajpur Board. It is an ideal institution and RCDC has been supporting the institution continuously in various ways. Our involvement with the school is being strengthened with new ideas of support in respect of solar panel under a matching grant project. This is going to an important project for RCDC in 2016-17 and beyond.
  5. Gift of Life: Rotary Club of Dhaka Central has been able to send child heart patients for complicated heart surgery to Coimbatore, India. RtnsKh. Rashedul Ahsan, Dr. Sajal Banerjee and Farzana Majid of RCDC and Rtn Mann of Sai City take the lead role in this project. The Rotary Club of Coimbatore sai City manages a project called ‘Gift of Life’ through which such surgeries are undertaken with international assistance. RCDC took the responsibilities of educating one of the girl (Liza) who has successfully operated upon. RCDC spends of Tk. 2,000/- every month for Liza’s educational expenses.
  6. AlorPothe with Najat Family Welfare Committee: RCDC has been an active supporter of Najat Family Welfare Committee (NFWC). NFWC has been actively promoting education and training of children since the past decade in Arai Hazar, Narayganj. Najat Family Welfare Committee (NFWC) is an initiative of RtnAtaur, Zia and their family. Under this project more than 800 children of different communities of Bangladesh are given free books on ethical education and education material. The children are supervised and contribute in sending their own learning from these stories. The focus of these stories is to build a strong ethical background in children. Currently, children from 5 districts in various pockets are being serviced under this program. NFWC intends to expand on this program and need support from all walks of society. The total budget runs into few lac taka each year and RCDC can also come forward in jointly participated in this project. RCDC has a budget for this project in 2016-17. Rtn Zia is coordinating this project with NFWC. NFWC recently provided a set of new books for children in the community and is planning to distribute more books in the coming months. Rotary Club of Dhaka Central is part and parcel of this project and will be sharing in this endeavor this year and the amount has also been approved in this year’s budget.
  7. Health Support to Azimpur Maternity Care: RCDC has an ongoing project to support Azimpur Maternity Care Clinic with a minimum contribution of Tk 2,000 a month. It is a joint project with other clubs. The support is critically important as very poor destitute women are given medical care and particular nourishment during and after their pregnancy. RCDC with 10 other clubs of Dhaka City jointly co-host this program to support about 20 patients during their pregnancy at least for a month through this program. This is high prior project and RCDC.Speaking of the project elaborately, under this project mothers with small children are given food, nourishment and medicine so that these mothers can provide better care to their infants and also to their own bodies. The idea is to have healthy children supported by a healthy mother with less financial stress. The project has been successful and over the years RCDC has been very active in making sure the project continues without any hindrance. This has built Rotary of Dhaka Central’s image at the Azimpur Maternity Care Centre and in the neighboring areas.
  8. RCC Baghiya: RCDC believes improvement of community and therefore it maintains two Communities of its own. One is the RCC Baghiya. It has been a testament to Rotary;s success in the community. Everyone in that community can identify to the logo of Rotary and its activities. Rotary Club of Dhaka Central is a name dear to their hearts and why not? More than many thousands of children have graduated from this school with RC of Dhaka Central’s contribution. Its computer labs, part of infrastructure and even some teachers’ salary had been contributed by our club even in the not so distant a past. It maintains a RCC in Baghiya near Dhaka District where a school has been receiving various forms of support from RCDC. The community is well acquainted with RCDC and an even student of Baghiya School knows RC of Dhaka Central and the Rotary Movement in Bangladesh. The community has over 5,000 citizens and more than 3000 people know the contribution of RCDCin the community. RCDC has been supporting this school and community for over 20 years. This is a project where RCDC is associated for a long time, over 20 years.
  9. RCC Provakordi: Based on the successful model of RCC Baghiya, RCDC has taken up another RCC in Provakordi, Arai Hazaar, Narayanganj. Rtn Zia and Commodore Ataur are primary contact-1 and 2 for this project. The RCC Provakordi is been nurtured these days. In the past few months a tree plantation drive had been initiated. Another blood matching and blood donation drive will be conducted in early December or in the beginning of 2017. As part of this program, they organize tree plantation drive and they have a series of plans for. 2016-17 Mr. Saiful Islam of Najat Family Welfare Committee had been the coordinator of this project from the RCC Provakordi side. RCC Provakordi caters to a community of at least 3000 to 5000 people. Mr. Saiful Islam is being assisted by Mr. Mahmud as Mr. Saiful Islam is going to be discontinuing with Najat Family Welfare Committee from January 2017.
  10. Vocational Excellence Award: RCDC have organizes vocational excellence awards from time to time. Through this program RCDC, the community and deserving citizens of Bangladesh are honored.
  11. ASHIC Foundation support through the spouses in RCDC members: The spouses of Rotarians contribute to ASHIC Foundation, a palliative care hospital for poor child cancer patients. On various occasion, the RCDC has also jointly coordinated events of giving through the spouses. RCDC regularly features the giving of the spouses, urging them to continue their commitment in community care and giving. RCDC therefore plays a supportive and facilitating role in ensuring that the great initiative of spouses of our club continues unabated.
  12. Special Projects:
    • Support of Tk. 3,000/- will be continued to the school managed by RtnFarzana. Approximately 30 plus children receive basic education up to the standard of class 5. This is a high priority project.
    • Rahima Begum will continue to receive Tk. 1,000/month for the education of one of her children.
    • RCDC will continue to support ALOHA Social Service Bangladesh (ASSB) of Dinajpur in respect of tree plantation and educational support to the school run by ASSB.
  13. Safe Drinking Water & Sanitation: Due to reduced water flow in the national and international rivers and use of extensive ground water, arsenic in ground water has been increasing all over the country and people are infected by drinking arsenic infested water. The Rotary Club of Dhaka Central (RCDC) responded to the need by providing 69 arsenic-free tube wells in Dighaldi and adjoining village in AraihazarUpazila of Narayanganj District under Matching Grant No. 08 66577 during 2008 and 2009 benefitting more than 7000 persons mostly poor women and children. The wells are in operation since then with minor repair and maintenance by the respective committees of each tube well. The performances of the tube wells are highly satisfactory and time to time testing by local DPHE officials and NGOs are carried out to observe arsenic position. The whole of AraihazarUpazila is arsenic affected, and dozens of studies indicated it is hotbed of arsenic contamination. There is a demand from villages around for expanding the activities of arsenic mitigation by installing more arsenic free tube wells. The tube wells are simple hand driven to a layer of 60-70m below surface level that has been recommended as safe layer through extensive studies conducted by the British Geological Survey and Geological Survey of Bangladesh.
  14. With the successful completion of the above-mentioned project that has been certified with highest appreciation by the Rotary Foundation, RCDC is planning to have another matching grant project for providing 60 more arsenic-free tube wells in and around Narayanganj to make the poor & underprivileged villagers happy by having arsenic-free drinking water.
  15. 16. Proposed Project on Cornea: There is lot of patients suffering from permanent blindness due to lack of Cornea in Bangladesh. There is only limited donation of cornea from USA and other countries totaling less than 30 corneas per year. As a result large number of patients cannot get this facility. With this in view International Tissue bank has taken up a scheme to set up a Cornea Bank in BD. The aim is to create awareness to donate cornea after death. Training of doctors in operating and collection of cornea throughout all medical colleges in BD. In the initial stage 3000 cornea will be collected in a period of 2 to 3 years.
    Implementation: The project will be jointly implemented by RC Dhaka Central, District 7620 Maryland in USA, District 3140 in Mumbai North India. Shandhani an eye care institution will be implementing agency. RC Dhaka Central will monitor the project. A total fund of $350000/ (three hundred fifty thousand) will be required. TBI( Tissue bank International ) will contribute $160000/ (one lac sixty thousand). The remainder money will be contributed from as Matching grant project of Rotary International. RC Dhaka Central will contribute $8000/ .The project has not yet been approved by RI due to certain observation. Mr Mahmud Farazdaghi president of TBI is trying to get it approved from RI.During March 2016 an International seminar on Cornea transplant was held at BSMMU at Dhaka wherein 16 doctors from India, USA and BD participated in the seminar. RC Dhaka Central was one of the host. A press conference was also held at Press club Dhaka towards awareness to this project. Media and tv gave adequate coverage on the donation of cornea.We consider that this will be a signature project of Dhaka Central and the District 3281. This is the biggest project in the history of Bangladesh Rotary.